International Workshop – Multidisciplinary studies for sustainable agriculture

The Farm to Fork strategy, at the heart of the European Green Deal, aims to accelerate the transition to a fair, healthy, and environmentally friendly food system. Currently, the agriculture and livestock sectors are responsible for almost one third of global greenhouse gas emissions and our food systems consume large amounts of natural resources – causing loss of biodiversity and negatively impacting health (under- and over-nutrition) – and do not allow for fair economic returns and livelihoods for all actors, especially primary producers. The International Conference “Multidisciplinary Studies for Sustainable Agriculture” organised by the PhD students of the programme in Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences provided all the participants an insight into the farm to Fork strategy.

Every year, the University of Pisa funds PhD students willing to organize scientific initiatives (e.g. congress, workshops round tables) to promote debates for sharing knowledge between researchers, students and external experts.

Since 2019, thanks to these fundings, PhD students in Agriculture, Food and Environment organize an international workshop on “Multidisciplinary studies for Sustainable Agriculture”.

In this page, you can find more information about past workshops and future ones.

2023 – Strengthening cross-sectors to integrate humans-animals-ecosystems: a ONE HEALTH approach declined in agriculture science


Past editions of the Internation Workshop

2022 – Multidisciplinary studies for Sustainable Agriculture: The Farm to Fork Strategy

2021 – Multidisciplinary studies for Sustainable Agriculture: The European Green Deal