Strengthening cross-sectors to integrate humans-animals-ecosystems: a ONE HEALTH approach declined in agriculture science

In recent times, the pervasive influence of climate change on our daily lives underscores the pivotal role of pursuing One Health sustainable development. The COVID-19 pandemic vividly illustrates the imperative of transitioning towards a comprehensive and interconnected approach. Human well-being is intricately linked to the health of animals and the environment, encompassing not only physical but also social and psychological aspects. Contemporaneously, as delineated in the European Green Deal, the accessibility of education, social engagement, and employment opportunities carries immense significance. Science and civil society must assume an active role in confronting calamities like tsunamis, storms, and droughts, which pose grave risks to humanity. Furthermore, the eradication of all forms of discrimination is an imperative.

To elucidate the One Health concept further (in this workshop), four focal areas have been established, engaging researchers, technicians, policymakers, and activists in daily endeavors. These domains encompass Sustainable Agriculture and its digitalization, Food Systems, Dissemination of knowledge, and Intersectionality.

This workshop is supported by the University of Pisa and the Department of Food, Agriculture, and Environment.

22nd November 2023: A look into technological innovations within agriculture and food systems, harnessing the potential of advanced technology to advance innovation, health, and sustainability. Notably, the discourse will explore the intricate interplay between One Health and technological innovations within the realms of bio-molecular science, agri-food industries, and socio-economic considerations, with a particular focus on the “DiSAAA-a Debate: a conversation on cell-based meat.”

23rd November 2023: the workshop will adopt an intersectional perspective and emphasize the dissemination of scientific knowledge beyond the confines of academia. In the morning, experts will participate and assist the audience in gaining a deeper comprehension of complex subjects. The afternoon session will employ the Open Space Technology approach to actively engage the audience in the One Health discourse.

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