Giulio Scappaticci

Supervisors: Prof. Angela Zinnai and Dr. Chiara Sanmartin

Research field: Food Science and Technology

Research interests: Bread, Shelf-life, Bakery products, Sustainability, Sourdough

Department head office, via del Borghetto, 80, Pisa


Giulio Scappaticci, born in 1997, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in food science and technology at the University of Teramo in 2019, where he later continued with a Master’s degree in Food Technology (110 cum laude). He has carried out internships in various companies in the sector of industrial bread and pizza base production. He worked as a research fellow at Defens (University of Milan). He is currently a PhD student at DAFE (University of Pisa), with a topic on industrial bread quality and shelf-life increase in collaboration with the Barilla© company. His PhD project involves the study of innovative ways of reusing food by-products, in order to obtain alternative bakery products, containing a high quantity of functional ingredients, and therefore with better characteristics in terms of rheology and shelf-life. The focus is on all stages of the production process, i.e. leavening, baking and cooling and, finally, storage. In particular, it collaborates on the development of innovative on-site and on-time sensors with experts from INFN and CERN, to monitor the thermal profile and water migration. These data are used as markers of the changes that occur during the various stages of preparation and storage of bakery products. It also carries out preservation tests using modified atmospheres and innovative packaging methods. At the same time, it carries out consultancy work for companies and private individuals in the field of R&D bakery product in cooperation with major manufacturers of raw materials made from wheat.


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