Incoming students

Dear new coming PhD student, University of Pisa PhD students are glad to have you! 

In this section, we would like to make your stay in Italy as smooth as possible. You will find guidance and tips to help you carry out your paperwork procedures as an international student in Pisa.


First of all, what should you do when you first come to Pisa?

After you are set in Pisa, you will need to go in person to go to a number of offices and local entities in order to generate official italian documents.

  • Agenzia delle Entrate located in: Galleria Gerace Giovan Battista, 7/15, 56124 Pisa PI, Italie

It is the Italian entity that registers your personal information and links them to a Fiscal code. Fiscal code is a code of 16 units that you can hold as long as you are in Italy and you may change it in case you move to another city.

At your visit to Agenzia delle Entrate, you can previously take an appointment using Agenzia delle entrate App (

Make sure you take the following documents in case they are required: 

  • Passport (original)
  • Passport and visa copies
  • Your current address in Pisa
  • Your admission letter at Pisa University

Any additional relevant document

When you obtain your fiscal code document, you now start your Permesso di Soggiorno (PDS) procedure.

Basically in Italy, PDS is your official permit of stay document that allows you to be legally present in Italian territory as long as you have a valid reason for your stay (work, studies etc…).


  • How to apply for your Permesso di soggiorno (PDS) ?

You should take the PDS kit available in post offices (Poste italiane).

Post office: search for an office near to you 

The kit is composed of a number of forms that you should fill with your personal information, example: Name, date and place of birth, first entry to the Italian territory, reason for your stay in Italy, etc).

In addition you should include in the kit your passport copy + codice fiscale document + admission letter at Pisa University + Copy of your Tessera Sanitaria (or insurance document) + copy of your rent contract (if available) + 16 euros stamp (that you can get from the Tabaccheria near you). Take also your original passport as an official identification document. 

Tip: At the post office, they will check the forms and documents before submission. So, make sure you do not close the kit envelope and you do not stick the stamp. 

After submission of the kit, you will be given a receipt with the appointment to go to the police station (Questura).

Location questura: Via Mario Lalli, 3, 56127 Pisa PI, Italie.


IMPORTANT: The documents are above-mentioned in the official document , in case of doubt please refer to the Questura for further clarifications 

downoald document here

Tip: Make sure you arrive 30 minutes to 1 hour early for your appointment 

  • How to obtain your tessera sanitaria ?

The Tessera Sanitaria (TS) is the health insurance card used in Italy to cover medical expenses of patients. 

To obtain your tessera sanitaria card, you will have to perform either the online or in-person procedure.



The online application is easy. You will need to write an email to the virtual desk UOC Gestione CUP e Front Office Azienda Usl Toscana Nordovest. 


In person: 

I you want to go to Azienda Usl Toscana Nordovest of Pisa at Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 56124 Pisa PI, Italie.


For your application, specify your name/surname and ask for the forms to be filled to obtain Tessera Sanitaria (Student). 

You will be assigned to your medical doctor (that you can choose from a list) whom you can address your medical and health concerns.

The cost of TS is around 150 euros to be paid at the post office.

Tip: Make sure the home address you provide is not temporary, because USL will send you via post your TS Card. And you don’t want to miss it when it arrives!


More information at this link!

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