Other PhD Programs

Pegaso PhD scholarship

The call aims to finance three-year doctoral scholarships to attend doctoral courses in Tuscany, carried out by partnerships between universities and research institutions, in collaboration with companies.

The call is destinated to young graduates, younger than 35 years at the time of applicatio, possessing an adequate knowledge of the English language (level B2), available to undertake study and research abroad for at least 6/12 months and to attend courses for the acquisition of soft skills during the three-year course.

Research doctorates must include, in teaching and research activities, the use of the English language and 6 or 12 months of study and research spend abroad, and/or at least 3 months of experiences in application contexts at companies/institutions.

During the study abroad, scholarship includes the 50% increase for the 6 or 12 months spend in a foreign country.

National PhD Programme in Sustainable Development and Climate Change

The program focuses on training researchers to address the challenges of sustainability and climate change through interdisciplinary research. The SDC center is affiliated with various universities and research institutes in Italy.

The PhD program aims to provide students with a solid foundation in sustainability science and climate change, along with the necessary skills to conduct innovative and impactful research. The program emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and offers a wide range of research topics related to sustainable development and climate change.

The page highlights the key features of the PhD program, including the duration of the program (three years), the funding available through scholarships, and the application process. It also provides information about the faculty members and the research areas covered by the program.

The program encourages students to engage in international collaborations and offers opportunities for research stays at prestigious international institutions. It also emphasizes the importance of publishing research results in high-impact scientific journals.

The page mentions the educational activities provided to PhD students, such as courses, seminars, and workshops. It also emphasizes the importance of participating in conferences and scientific events to enhance students’ networking and communication skills.

Overall, the page provides an overview of the PhD program offered by the SDC research center, highlighting its interdisciplinary nature, the focus on sustainability and climate change, and the opportunities for international collaborations and research stays.

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