Stefano Pettinelli

Supervisor: Prof. Fabio Mencarelli

Research field: Food Technology

Research interests: sensors; wine, non destructive analisys, grape

Department head office, via del Borghetto, 80, Pisa

I start my studies at the University of Tuscia where I graduate in Oenology and Viticulture in 2018. Subsequently I enroll in the Master’s Degree in Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the same university where I graduate in 2021. During these years I carry out various periods of work at different wineries in France, Germany, Argentina where I deal with the quality management of the grapes and the transformation into wine. In 2022 I start my PhD at the University of Pisa in which I deal with the application of sensors and non-destructive materials useful for the qualification and differentiation of wines produced with different grape varieties and with different winemaking techniques. In January 2023 I moved to the University of Valladold where I am studying the application of a sensor array based on a potentiometric system to evaluate the quality of wines and manage the results with adequate descriptive statistics. This PhD research project is focused on the development of faster and more efficient analytical systems that help wineries avoid the use of chemicals and plastic materials for quality control of transformation processes and the quality of the raw material being processed.


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