Marco Carli

Supervisors: Dr. Lorenzo Cotrozzi and Prof. Cristina Nali

Research field: Plant Pathology

Research interests: flavescence dorée, vegetation spectroscopy, molecular identification, metabolomic


Plant Pathology Lab, University of Pisa, Via Vecchia di Marina 20, 56122, San Piero a Grado (PI)

Marco is a PhD Student of the Tuscany Region PhD Programme “Pegaso 2023” in Precision Agriculture and Sustainability of Agri-Environment Systems, with a Master’s degree in Plant and Microbial Biotechnologies at the University of Pisa. He has experience in the investigation of physiochemical and morphological responses of seeds germinating under xenobiotic conditions, the analysis and quantification of primary and secondary metabolites, the molecular identification of different species of phytopathological interest (e.g., Viruses, Viroids, Bacteria, Phytoplasmas, Fungi, Insects, Nematodes), and the use of hyperspectral and metabolomic phenotyping approaches for the early detection and monitoring of plant diseases and abiotic stress. His PhD research project aims to develop novel strategies for the early diagnosis of flavescence dorée (FD) in grapevine. Specifically, at the diagnostic level the project is focused on the use of vegetation spectroscopy for a rapid, non-destructive, and inexpensive detection and monitoring of FD, and its molecular characterization, as well as of a metabolomic approach for the identification of metabolites involved in early stages of FD infection.


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