Irene Ventura

Supervisors: Prof. Alberto Pardossi and Prof.ssa Tiziana Lombardi

Research field: Horticulture

Research interests: halophytes, hydroponics, Salicornia spp., wild edible specie

DAFE – University of Pisa, Via del Borghetto n°80, 56124 – Pisa – (IT)

Irene Ventura holds a bachelor’s degree in Herbal Sciences and a master’s degree in Agricultural, Food, and Agro-environmental Sciences, completing her studies in 2022 in Pisa University, with a thesis on Tuscan wild halophytes and their ethnobotanical uses. Following graduation, she pursued a 6-month traineeship during which she conducted research on various spontaneous accessions of Salicornia perennans, investigating both morphological and qualitative aspects. Subsequently, Irene won a grant to investigate ethnobotanical plant species in Tirli, a little town situated in the municipality of Grosseto. Now, she is providing educational support in two courses of the bachelor’s degree in agricultural sciences in Pisa University.
Throughout her academic journey, Irene consistently sought to understand the uses of various wild plant species, initially focusing on pharmaceutical applications and then on edible uses. Aligned with her interest on wild plants, Irene’s doctoral research will be centered on the botanical characterization of some halophytic species present in Tuscany that not only have ecological significance but also hold potential as crop species. Her research aims to explore the feasibility of cultivating halophytes in hydroponic and aquaponic systems.
By delving into the study of Tuscan halophytic species, Irene aims to contribute valuable insights into their ecology, nutritional content, and overall exploitation for greenhouse production. The study’s multidisciplinary approach, incorporating both botanical and horticultural aspects, underscores her dedication to finding solutions that bridge the gap between botanical science and practical agricultural applications, advancing sustainable and innovative agricultural practices.
Through her doctoral project, Irene Ventura aspires to not only expand the understanding of halophytic species in Tuscany but also to contribute to the development of sustainable agricultural practices, with a particular emphasis on integrated hydroponic and aquaponic systems.


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