Roxana Amarie

Supervisors: Prof. Andrea Serra

Research field: Animal science

Research interests: Pig, sustainability, welfare, nutrition, meat quality. 

Via del Borghetto 80, 56124 Pisa (PI), Italy 

Roxana Elena Amarie is a Ph.D. student in Animal Science at the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment in Pisa. She achieved honors in both, the bachelor’s and the master’s degrees, respectively in Animal Production Safety (Sicurezza delle Produzioni Animali) and Food Biosafety and Quality (Biosicurezza e Qualità degli Alimenti) at Camerino and Pisa University.  

She is a dynamic and eclectic person with a passion for organization. Her Ph.D. project fully satisfies her inclinations and desire for knowledge. As a matter of fact, she is carrying out multidisciplinary trials to improve the sustainability of the pig production sector. She is focusing on the improvement of critical points of both, intensive and extensive rearing systems.  

In particular, she is investigating the genetic susceptibility of the Cinta Senese pig and its crosses to the Escherichia coli pathogen. Strong and resistant pigs need less antibiotic administration. Additionally, she is evaluating the physiological response and growth performances of piglets and finisher pigs to high digestible diet. Besides, she is investigating the efficiency of a new slaughter methodology and the welfare at slaughter time of outdoor pigs reared extensively. Finally, meat quality plays a crucial role in all her studies.  

Roxana’s dream is to visit the worldwide. She loves traveling both, for work and for fun. In the last few years, she lived different months in UK, USA, Ireland, and Switzerland where she studied English and carried out scientific research in collaboration with Teagasc and Agroscope authorities. 


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