Thais Huarancca Reyes

Supervisors: Dr. Andrea Scartazza and Prof. Marco Volterrani 

Research field: Plant Physiology

Research interests: Abiotic stress, plant physiology, microalgae, wastewater bioremediation, circular economy 

Plant Physiology Lab,  via Mariscoglio, 34 – Pisa


Thais Huarancca Reyes is a plant biologist. She received her BSc in Chemistry from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru in 2006. In 2015, Thais received her PhD in Life Science from Hokkaido University, where she studied as a MEXT and JASSO Scholar and then held different Postdoc Fellowships at University of Pisa from 2015 to 2021. In that period, Thais dedicated her research to understanding plant adaptation mechanisms to abiotic stresses, gaining competence in molecular biology, genetics, and physiology. Following her recent interest in wastewater bioremediation, she graduated from the Federal University of Grande Dourados with a MSc in Environmental Science and Technology in 2022. Currently, Thais is a PhD candidate at University of Pisa specializing in the sustainable recycling of cigarette butts, the most littered item in the world, as growth substrate for ornamental plants. She has twenty-six scientific publications and has participated in many domestic and international conferences showing oral/poster presentations. Despite being a hard worker with dedication towards her professional and personal goals, Thais enjoys life and appreciate running, music and literature. 



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