Sofia Matilde Luglio

Supervisors: Prof. Christian Frasconi and Dr. Davide Facchinetti 

Research field: Agricultural Engineering

Research interests: Precision agriculture, robotics, mechanics, sustainability, artificial intelligence

Department head office, via del Borghetto, 80, Pisa


Sofia Matilde Luglio is a PhD student specializing in Agriculture Science and Technology, specifically in Mechanics and Robotics in agriculture. The main aspect of her project is the analysis and application of robotic and AI solutions for weed detection and biodiversity assessment. She took a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Science and Technology at the University of Turin and a Master’s Degree in Planning and Management of Urban Green and Landscape at the University of Pisa. Her thesis was about the development of original software to track a robot mower cutting frequency in three different gardens. The main goal of her MA studies was to point out the advantage of robotic solutions in green area maintenance. After her MA she worked for one year as a research fellow on a project for digitalization in sustainable precision agriculture at the DAGRI Department of the University of Florence. Her research focused on the robotic application and biodiversity tracking in viticulture and olive cultivation. She has also been involved in the writing and revising of scientific and divulgation articles. She would like to explore the world of digitalization and programming applied to sustainable agriculture. Her passions regard literature, art and music. She is involved in volunteer activities with special needs children. 



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