Pedro Navarro Gambín

Supervisors: Dr. Daniele Vergamini and Prof. Gianluca Brunori

Research field: Agricultural Economics

Research interests: Biodiversity, Critical Environmentalism, Sustainability Transformations, Sociology of Agriculture, Qualitative Research

Department head office, via del Borghetto, 80, Pisa


Pedro is an interdisciplinary researcher with a mixed educational background including philosophy, political science, sociology, economics, agronomy, and food studies. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economy (PPE) at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona (UPF), the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), and the Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3); and a MSc in Organic Agriculture (‘Cum Laude’ designation) at Wageningen University and Research (WUR) with a specialization in Sustainable Food Systems. His past academic research addressed the intersection between agriculture, policy, and the sociology of labour and agrarian change, with a specific interest on the relationship between the wellbeing of international migrant workers and their labour conditions in Southern Spain’s agriculture. Pedro joined Pisa Agricultural Economics (PAGE) in December 2022, where his research focuses on the social and political aspects of the biodiversity crisis and sustainability transformations towards biodiversity prioritisation with a specific focus on the fashion industry. Beyond academic work, he has professional experience in corporate research in international supply chains with a focus on supply chain transparency, the meat industry, and EU trade, agriculture, deforestation, and due diligence regulations. Moreover, he keeps a long collaboration with the policy-oriented think tank Espai 08, where he contributed to reports and journalistic publications about essential labour, agricultural policy, and a just socio-ecological transition. 

Research interests: 

  • Biodiversity valuation and policy. 
  • Politics of scientific knowledge. 
  • Sociology of agriculture and agrarian change.  
  • Agroecology, Organic Agriculture, Regenerative agriculture.  
  • Food systems’ sustainability.  
  • International supply chains. 
  • Eco-socialism and socially just ecological transitions.  
  • Human wellbeing and life quality. 
  • Critical Theory.   
  • Participatory qualitative research. 
  • Public policy.  

Current EU funded projects: 

  • PLANET4B – Understanding plural values, intersectionality, leverage points, attitudes, norms, behaviour, and social learning in transformation for biodiversity decision making. 
  • GRASS CEILING – Gender equality in rural and agricultural innovation systems. 


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