Harika Meesala

Supervisors: Prof. Gianluca Brunori and Dr. Francesca Galli

Research field: Agricultural Economics

Research interests: Food system, Sustainability, Agricultural digitalization, Agroecology, Food security

Department head office, via del Borghetto, 80, Pisa


Harika holds a bachelor’s degree in agricultural sciences and a master’s degree in agricultural economics from India, where she also worked as a research fellow and project assistant in diverse projects. Besides, she holds an International master’s degree in rural development from Ghent University, University of Nitra and University of Pisa funded by the European Union. Her research interests include food system sustainability, agricultural digitalisation, agroecological transitions, sustainable food security and nutrition and food policy analysis. Her current research focuses on analysing the impacts of agricultural digitalisation particularly from an agroecological perspective. She is associated with the Horizon Europe project CODECS which aims to build digital ecosystems that maximise the net benefits of digitalisation. 


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