Matteo Mengoni

Supervisors: Prof. Alessio Cavicchi (UNIPI) and Prof. Andrea Marescotti (UNIFI – Opponent)

Research field: Agricultural economics

Research interests: Short food supply chains, alternative food networks, sustainability, impact assessment, governance.

Department head office, via del Borghetto, 80, Pisa


I hold a bachelor’s degree in Economic Development and International Cooperation obtained from the University of Florence with a dissertation on sustainable and ethic finance and microcredit web platforms. I also have a master’s degree in Development Economics obtained from the University of Florence with a dissertation on short food supply chains and consumers’ perceptions.
From 2020, I am working as a research fellow at the Department of Economics of the University of Florence, and I joined the PhD at the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment at University of Pisa in 2021. My work is mainly focused on the analysis of economic and non-economic costs and benefits for producers of taking part in short food supply chains.
My main field of research is agrifood economics and, in particular, I work on short food supply chains and alternative food networks. My research and my PhD project focus on the sustainability assessment of short-food supply chains, and in particular their economic, social and environmental impacts on producers, consumers, and society. I also study governance mechanisms in alternative food networks and collective forms of governance in short food supply chain initiatives.

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