Matteo Mengoni

Supervisors: Prof. Alessio Cavicchi and Prof. Andrea Marescotti

Research field: Agricultural economics

Research interests: short food supply chains, alternative food networks, sustainability, impact assessment, governance

 Department head office, via del Borghetto, 80, Pisa

Matteo holds a bachelor’s degree in Economic Development and International Cooperation obtained from the University of Florence with a dissertation on sustainable and ethical finance and microcredit web platforms. Matteo also has a master’s degree in Development Economics obtained from the University of Florence with a dissertation on short food supply chains and consumers’ perceptions.  

From 2020, he is working as a research fellow at the Department of Economics of the University of Florence, and he joined the PhD at the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment at University of Pisa in 2021. His work is mainly focused on the analysis of economic and non-economic costs and benefits for producers of taking part in short food supply chains. 

Matteo main field of research is agrifood economics and, in particular, he works on short food supply chains and alternative food networks. His research and his PhD project focus on the sustainability assessment of short-food supply chains, and in particular their economic, social and environmental impacts on producers, consumers, and society. Matteo also studies governance mechanisms in alternative food networks and collective forms of governance in short food supply chain initiatives. 

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