Hafsa El Horri

Supervisors: Prof. Damiano Remorini and Prof. Lucia Guidi

Research field: Arboriculture

Research interests:fluorescent film, fruit quality, fruit production, plant photosynthesis

Department head office, via del Borghetto, 80, Pisa

Hafsa is enrolled in the PhD program Agricultural, Food and Environmental sciences at Pisa University. In Morocco, she completed her 5 years of study at the National School of Agriculture in Meknes, specialized in Arboriculture, Olive growing and Viticulture. Then she moved to Bari in Puglia to conduct her Master of science in Organic agriculture at CIHEAM Bari institute. As a PhD student, she intends to study the performance of fruit cultures under greenhouse film that controls light quality received by plants.  This innovative material is known as Fluorescent/light converting film referring to its’ ability to convert UV light into more photosynthetic light.

She is approaching her PhD research work in a Multidisciplinary manner combining plant physiology, fruit chemistry and light quality/quantity optimization. She intends from this project to understand the light conversion effect on plant photosynthetic performance and fruit nutraceutical quality and provide application recommendations of fluorescent films on fruit production in the Mediterranean context.


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