Lorenzo Pagni

Supervisors: Prof. Francesca Galli

Research field: Agricultural economics

Research interests: Farmers Well-being, Social Innovations, Social Capital, SROI

Department head office, via del Borghetto, 80, Pisa


With a solid foundation in Viticulture and Enology from my bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Agricultural Sciences with a biological specialization, I embarked on a journey of academic exploration and research. During this transformative phase, I was fortunate to receive a prestigious research grant, which allowed me to delve into the fascinating realm of mycotoxins in corn and their economic implications. The findings of my research were published in a scholarly paper, contributing valuable insights to the field.
Determined to pursue further academic excellence, I embarked on a PhD journey, where my focus shifted towards exploring the dynamic intersection of social innovations, social capital, and the well-being of farmers. Employing the innovative Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology, my research delved into understanding how these factors could revolutionize the agricultural landscape and enhance the lives of farmers.
Throughout my academic journey, my passion for exploring the social dimensions of agricultural economics has grown, and I find myself continuously intrigued by the profound impact social innovations can have on the agricultural community. My commitment to advancing this domain of research stems from a deep belief in the potential of social capital and innovative practices to create sustainable and inclusive agricultural systems.
As a researcher, I am driven by the aspiration to bridge the gap between academic inquiry and real-world impact, seeking solutions that can bring positive change to farming communities. I am dedicated to contributing my expertise and insights to foster a more socially conscious and economically viable agricultural landscape.
In pursuit of my vision, I remain committed to conducting rigorous research, nurturing collaboration, and engaging with diverse stakeholders to bring about meaningful transformations. My current research interests lie in exploring the multifaceted dimensions of social innovation within agricultural economics and unlocking its potential to shape a brighter and more prosperous future for farmers and rural communities alike.


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