Lorenzo Gagliardi

Supervisor:   Prof. Marco Fontanelli

Research field: Agricultural Mechanics

Research interests: mechanical weed control, no-till strategies, sustainable agriculture, organic agriculture, conservation agriculture

Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Via del Borghetto 80, 56124 Pisa.


Lorenzo Gagliardi is a PhD student in Agricultural, Food and Agri-environmental Sciences at the University of Pisa. The main topic of his research is organic and conservation agriculture. This particular farming system promotes environmental sustainability, increasing soil health and biodiversity. His studies focus on the achievement of acceptable weed control in organic farming, which is a very challenging operation. Therefore, he is trying to develop strategies and equipment for this purpose. The first objective of his project is the development of intra-row weed control equipment to be employed in vineyards. The second aim of his project is to evaluate the use of autonomous mowers in turfgrasses and in open field vegetable crops for weed control.   


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