Ivan Fiaccadori

Supervisor: Prof. Giacomo Lorenzini

Research field: Plant Pathology

Research interests: vegetation spectroscopy, ornamental plants, plant design

Plant Pathology Lab, University of Pisa, Via Vecchia di Marina 20, 56122, San Piero a Grado (PI)

Ivan Fiaccadori is a PhD candidate in Agriculture, Food and Environment Programme at the University of Pisa (XXXVI cycle). His research interests deal with a multidisciplinary approach to landscape and planting design, mainly focusing on how new techniques (e.g. reflectance spectroscopy) may be able to detect and monitor plant stress and lead to increase plant quality as well as enhance proper green management. Vegetation spectroscopy offers the ability to rapidly measure biochemical, morphological and physiological traits, therefore can be used for stronger sustainable approaches in gardening (e.g. improving water use efficiency). He is also interested in the conservation of rural landmarks (dry-stone walls, terracing, paved trails, small buildings) and more in general in those elements that have the power to transform ‘space’ into a place of affection for the people through their history, form and texture. He is a registered architect and a proud owner of a wire-haired German dachshund. 


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