Clarissa Clemente

Supervisors:  Prof. Silvia Tavarini and Prof. Luciana G. Angelini

Research field: Agronomy

Research interests: Camelina sativa, oilseed crops, food/non-food end-uses, bioactive compounds, nutraceutical properties  

Institute of Agronomy, Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment, Via del Borghetto 80, 56124 Pisa. 

Clarissa Clemente is a PhD student in the “PhD Program in Agriculture, Food and Environment-XXXVI Cycle” at the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the University of Pisa. She has got a bachelor’s degree in Herbal Sciences (2012-2016) and a master’s degree cum laude in Plant and Microbial Biotechnology (2016-2019) at the Department of Agricultural, Food, and Environment of the University of Pisa. Her PhD research project concerns the agronomic improvement of camelina (Camelina sativa (L.) Crantz) for sustainable poultry feeding and healthy food products. Her research activity is financially supported by the ARGENTO PRIN project (PRIN: National Research Projects of Relevant Interest – Prot. 2017LZ3CHF) that integrates 4 research units (University of Bologna, Pisa, Padova, and IBBA-CNR of Milan). The main goal of her PhD project is to evaluate, with a fully integrated multi-disciplinary approach, the effects of different agronomic management (i.e., sowing dates and nitrogen fertilization), cultivation site, and genetic characteristics on camelina crop yield and chemical/phytochemical composition of seeds and press-cakes aiming at optimizing seed qualitative traits for novel and innovative food, feed, and nutraceutical applications. During her period abroad, Clarissa performed phytochemical characterization of both camelina seeds and cakes in terms of content and profile of specific bioactive compounds such as tocopherols, phenolic acids, flavonoids, and glucosinolates. Actually, Clarissa is the author and co-author of 9 papers published in International Journals indexed.   


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