Luciano Pagano

Supervisors: Prof. Daniele Antichi and Dr. Daniele Vergamini

Research field: Agricultural Economy

Research interests: economics and agricultural policy, sustainability assessment, agricultural technologies

DAFE – University of Pisa, Via del Borghetto n°80, 56124 – Pisa – (IT)

Luciano’s academic background includes a BA and a MA in Agricultural Sciences. Throughout his studies, he delved into the economic and political aspects of agriculture, gaining practical experience through an internship at an agro-technical office and obtaining a scholarship at the University of Pisa. During the internship, the focus of his studies was mainly on the study of Tuscany’s Rural Development Program, while the scholarship allowed him to learn more about European and national soil health regulations. In November 2023, Luciano started his PhD studies at the Department of Agriculture, Food, and Environment at the University of Pisa, with the goal of learning more about policies and incentives related to soil health, with a focus on agroecological practices and the costs and benefits associated with their implementation. His research intends to produce several results over the three years, such as: a review of existing policies and incentives that have an impact on soil health and a cost-benefit analysis of practices promoting soil health in agriculture. Environmental and social benefits will be explored in particular in relation to crop management practices complying with the agroecological principles.



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