Lorenzo Pippi

Supervisor: Dr. Lorenzo Cotrozzi

Research field: Plant Pathology

Research interests: advanced phytopathological diagnosis, Decision Support Systems, hyperspectral data, plant pathology, vegetation spectroscopy 

Plant Pathology Lab, University of Pisa, Via Vecchia di Marina 20, 56122, San Piero a Grado (PI)

Lorenzo is a PhD student of the national PhD program in Sustainable Development and Climate Change, working in the Plant Pathology Lab of the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the University of Pisa. He has a Master’s degree in “Urban Green Areas and Landscape Planning and Management” at the University of Pisa. Dr. Pippi has developed an interesting skill set since he is capable of analyzing both standard (e.g., ecophysiological and biochmical results) and high-dimensional data (e.g. hyperspectral and multivariate data sets). His PhD project aims to develop an accurate and high-throughput framework for the diagnosis of plant diseases, and the monitoring of vegetation responses to plant pathogens, as well as of the efficacy of their control methods, based on the use of hyperspectral data collected at multiple scales (from the leaf to the ecosystem). Specifically, it aims to develop spectral indices sensitive to plant diseases and hyperspectral models to estimate commonly investigated plant traits (e.g., photosynthetic, water status and antioxidant traits), and hyperspectral classifications of plant diseases. Dr. Pippi is also interested on the development of a decision support system for the assessment of plant diseases infection risk in the nursey, also including spectral data. The experimental activities include primary agricultural crops, typical tree species in the Mediterranean area, and ornamental plants widely used in nursery and urban environments.



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