Gian Piero Ricci

Supervisors: Prof. Elisa Pellegrini and Prof. Andrea Luvisi

Research field: Plant Pathology

Research interests: Xylella fastidiosa, fruit tree species, osmoprotectants, secondary metabolites, phytohormones

 Plant Pathology Lab, University of Pisa, Via Vecchia di Marina 20, 56122, San Piero a Grado (PI)

Gian Piero Ricci is a PhD candidate at the Department of Agriculture, Food, and Environment (DAFE) of the University of Pisa. He obtained his bachelor’s degree from DAFE and subsequently earned a master’s degree in “Agrifood Production and Agroecosystem Management” defending a thesis focused on plant pathology titled “Indirect methods for the diagnosis of pathogens in basil: from microscopy to molecular biology”. After a research fellowship focused on the application of air quality biomonitoring techniques, he currently leads a research project titled “Integrated approaches for the selection of resistant plant material to Xylella fastidiosa” at the Plant Pathology laboratory of DAFE, University of Pisa. His project specifically focuses on evaluating the physiochemical parameters of resistant or tolerant fruit tree species (almond tree and pistachio) and characterizing defence responses in some species with varying susceptibility to X. fastidiosa.



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